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A prominent masquerade in ebiraland named Asehuse found in  Adavi local government of Kogi State had cured someone suffering from mental illness.

The masquerade’s magical powers were  revealed to us during an interview with  Engineer Gowon Otaru in Adavi. Otaru revealed to our correspondent that the masquerade prophesied and cast out demons from people and its spiritual powers have been felt by many. The excerpt of the interview read thus:

I am Ozovehe Daniya from Ebira Community Group, may I know your name sir?

I am  Engineer Gowon Otaru by name.

What is the name of this prominent masquerade?

Asehuse is the name.

Which clan owns the masquerade?

Otumi , the eldest subclan in Uka clan in the Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State.

Who is the originator of this masquerade and how was it discovered? 

The owner was the great grandfather of Pa Ozovehe. Pa Ozovehe was the only first class chief in Adavi then.  Osaka was the originator of the masquerade. This masquerade was handed over to their children and subsequently to their great grand Sons of today. The masquerade was not originally called Asehuse (‘’don’t ask) initially, its real name was ‘’Aninori’’. The ‘’Asehuse’’ name was a nickname that came to the fore following the actions and deeds of the masquerade.  The masquerade was used as entertainment on the farm before it was brought home. Decades ago, the masquerade was banned from displaying when it beat up the son of the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland during one of its outings.

On how the nickname was adopted, history has it that when the masquerade beat up anyone and was asked on what premise was the beating done , his response would always be, ‘’Asehuse’’ which literally translates as ” Don’t ask”. Asehuse is believed to be highly spiritual and many have consulted her on diverse societal issues.  

The masquerade was known for good prophecies as many reached out to her divine powers to ask for goodwill from God in their life.  The spiritual potency of the masquerade has helped people in many ways. The masquerade is said to have delivered an insane person one certain time. A young lady schooling at ABU Zaria had mental challenges and  was taken to several hospitals and even churches with no solution. It was this masquerade the parent consulted that helped in delivering the young lady from insanity, she is now married and a proud mother of children.

The masquerade has helped many women from barrenness and also improved the condition of service of many people at their workplace too. It is usually a beehive of activities during its annual rite consultation day. 

If the masquerade did not give one the permission to come to its abode (abara) and one forcefully entered, it will remain invisible to the person. Moreover,  where it mandated one to offer certain sacrifice and the person disobeys; the person would face the consequences of his/her disobedience.

The masquerade does not go for outings haphazardly, When it does,  something must have prompted it and in most cases a sacrifice must be done. Ekuechi and Echane festival is the normal period for the masquerade outing.

During the outing day, local herbs of different types are prepared and shared to those suffering from one ailment or the other.


Does the masquerade go out for the burial ceremony on the demise of any traditional faithful as is customary with other masquerades in Ebiraland?

No, it doesn’t. But its atypical outings are mostly during societal challenges needing urgent solution. Take for example, a period of drought, , the masquerade will go out and invoke its power to make rain fall.

What can you say about the impact of the masquerade on the people?

Just like the saying that a good prophet is not honoured in his hometown, the same way I will relate it to the fate of the masquerade. We are yet to appreciate what we have. It is only outsiders that know the efficacy of this masquerade in our society. People with challenges that live within the proximity of the masquerade would waste their time seeking spiritual help elsewhere and when they are unable to find a solution , it is at that point they  visit the masquerade for spiritual consultations and solution.

Indeed those who have sought help from the masquerade got their solutions at the end of the day. People from all walks of life  come during its prayer day. On this day, people will fall under the anointing as witnessed in churches. Those with bad spirit would  confess their sins publicly.

One certain time, a man did evil to his fellow brethren and this same masquerade  was consulted and the accused person confessed his sins. On another occasion, there was uncertainty in the market and none other but this  masquerade brought relief to the traders. 

Has there been any challenge brought to it that it could not handle?

None whatsoever,  instead it has. helped people overcome their challenges.

Those currently occupying political positions had one time or the other consulted the masquerade which  led to their victory at the polls. If one is kidnapped, the masquerade can be consulted for the quick release of the victim from the kidnapper’s den.  Recently, one prominent man was kidnapped , the masquerade was consulted and the person was freed thereafter.

By: Ozovehe Daniya