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My name is Ohunene and I am 22 years old. Please just bear with my writing errors and focus on the main issues.

My life used to be joyful before death snatched my Mom and my brothers. Then tragedy started befallen my family.

I was born in Makurdi, Benue state, growing up used to be a thing of joy for me and my older siblings, I am the last child of my parents, I had 2 older brothers, Sam And Adavize. My mother was a primary school teacher and my father is a retired army. 

Before the sad demise of my mom and my lovely brothers in an auto crash five (5) years ago. My brother Sam gained admission into the university, my mom and my older brother Adavize was accompanying Sam to school for his 1st resumption then they had an accident and they all died on the spot.

It was as if that’s the end of the world and my life has come to a halt, the tragic feelings and pain was way out of this world. One night, as I was about to sleep after dinner, I heard some footsteps and I quickly sat on my bed, it was my father, and he said he has came to check on me before he goes to sleep, he then sat next to me and ask how I was feeling, he further told me how I resemble my Mom and possess the same attribute, shortly he started touching me and I was so uncomfortable, I drifted back and then he forced his way and raped me. He told me not to ever mention it to anyone that it is a taboo, that if people hear about it that we will both die. I was so scared, then the act continued over and over, since then he never wants to see me with anyone, he quarrels and fights everyone I go closer to.

I finally found the courage to discuss this with one of my closest neighbor, Mummy Afonz, She called my dad to ask him what was going on, I guess it did not end well for both of them, the sad story started circulating within the neighborhood, my father was summoned by the estate chairman and he refused to honor the invite, the pressure was much from the people and many had threatened to take him to the police. One Thursday evening, my father called and told me we are moving to Okene the next morning that I should make sure I arrange my clothes. I was in shock as I don’t have anywhere else I can go to, I had to do exactly what he asked. 

We got to Okene, my father discovered I was pregnant and he had kept it to himself, we Hardly have visitors and when we need to buy anything from the market he prefers to go himself, this man practically controlled my social life, I don’t have access to Internet phone, and this has prevent me from connecting to people outside my home.

  The whole story is cut short, I already have a child for my father and I am ashamed of myself. Sometimes I wish God would end my life, there was a day a guy followed me home from the medicine store close to our house and the boy went back with a broken head. I managed to make a friend from the medicine store close to my house and she told me about Ebira Community, i decided to put this together and hope to get good advice from the good people of Ebira.