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Ebira Community is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) and a Facebook based social group with over 47 thousand members from across the globe, aimed at building and improving the lives of our people and also creating a virtual platform where the beautiful people of Ebira descendants meet, relate, connect and interact peacefully.
Our core values are to create the largest and most effective online social community for the Ebiras by the Ebira people aimed at assisting ourselves in all aspects of life, Promote our social economic development, Educational, Health and Social empowerments, Serve as skill acquisition hub, Share knowledge, Promote Love and Unity, Create happiness within and outside the group, Creating a connection between the Ebira people at home and the Ebira people in diaspora, to Intellectually build our physical community,
Our vision is to have a community where there is adequate health care, youth development, Educational excellence and empowerment of the womenfolk in their various businesses.
In Addition, Today’s younger generation both at home and abroad cannot proudly boast of their origin (Ebiraland) or communicate in their mother tongue. There is little or no information about our existence as a tribe, found on any platform that is easily accessible to the masses, this is due to the paradigm shift in information keeping, as a large number of our generation currently depend solely on the internet as a source of acquiring information. This and more are the reasons that gave birth to EBIRA COMMUNITY WEBSITE, EBIRA COMMUNITY MAGAZINE and EBIRA COMMUNITY LEARNING APP that will serve as a tool in making Ebira language easy to learn and understand. These amongst other humanitarian services are what we render to our dear Community.