“Hear No Evil” a dynamic Art work from Mr. Emanuel Etudaye Maliki

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These are charcoal pencils drawing by Maliki etudaiye Emmanuel known as Eazy jnr art


Charcoal pencils on paper 


Muse:-Gowok Agnes 

Size:- 85cm/125cm

This is one of my favorite drawing titled:- hear no evil. dear friend

This is one of the most beautiful piece I had ever made. I was compelled to capture her in portrait drawing few months ago.

And by a magical coincidence, my drawing of Gowok Agnes was also talking about the present situation in Nigeria, friend be careful of what you hear or listen to,cause evil communication can corrupt your good manners,and what you listen to affect your thinking as an individual and for my fellow Nigerians, we are tired of hearing change, we need something different,we are tired of hearing gunshots killing our brothers/sisters,We say no to hearing of evil deeds in our dear country. Guess what this is my First portrait liked by my mentor @arinzeart

I still remain deeply grateful because i believe this is a  stepping stone to being in a position where I could make a living doing what I love most, “drawing.

Learn how to draw a hyper realistic drawing like 

By; Easy Junr



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