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Am afraid of a Kiss,

Like the kiss of a Bee.

Am afraid to drink,
A water from the Sea.

I am afraid of Death,
Yet it seem close to me.

The night I die,
Where would I be?

The night of fear,
For those who have failed in their Deen.

The night of Darkness,
In a lonely hole.

The night of loneliness,
With no one to comfort me.

Then I begin to ask my self
Where is my money?
Where is my fame?

Why can’t they speak for me,
In a time like this?

Where are my friends,
Where are my family,
Where are those people,
Who promised they would always be there for me?

Then I realized,
This was not London,
Neither was it Ukraine,
This was a lonely hole,
Called my Grave.

That night I waited for a call,
But none came to me,
I waited for a visit,
But no one ever surprised me.

Only some friends who called them selves Sallat and Qur’an,
Where there to Comfort Me.
They stood by my side,
And ensured smooth questioning.

Then I realized that Islam was the way of Peace
Sunnah was the key,
And these were totally free
Only if I could go back to my families,
And inform them to perfect our Deen,
But then I realized, that this was place of no going back,
And everything else is considered TOO LATE!

This poem is dedicated to the young lady you see her picture attached, I never met her in person, but she was my Facebook friend, and indeed was a nice person.
So I pray that Allah SWA, forgive her sins, accept her soul, and make her grave a conducive place for her. I learnt that she left a girl child behind, I pray that she find favor and protection in the eyes and hands of her Creator. Ameen..

(Dedicated to a poor soul)

Composed by Salihu Abdulrazaq Adogu

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