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It is indeed good news when a states’ infrastructure is developing fast, but in the case of Kogi Central (Okene), it is a good and sad situation.

The people of Okene were agog when tractors arrived in their domain, it was a thing of joy, many were dancing and celebrating that their long standing prayers had been answered. This was the state of the people in Ozuwaya, Okene Eba, Iruvucheba, Idozumi, market road and many more before their aspirations were turned to nightmare.
The contractors handling the project scraped up the remains of the asphalt and leaving the roads uncovered for several months till date, a single drive-by will cause a complete dust storm thereby leaving those in that region vulnerable to airborne infections, my utmost concern are the people living in affect areas who can no longer use the front of their houses and the elderly market women selling petty goods to meet their daily needs. They can easily contract diseases of the Lungs, which might shorten their life span.
The commissioner of works Engr. Abubakar Ohere should as a matter of urgency look into the matter before our mothers are sent to their early graves…

Iruvucheba, Okene

Okene Eba



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